Summer Fundraising has begun!

The first fundraiser for the year is a T-shirt sale through TeeSpring! You can shop multiple designs, shirt styles, colors, even coffee mugs and all proceeds from merchandise sales will go to the NEASRNA.

The Board plans to use the money from this fundraiser to fund scholarships to the 2018 Annual Congress, 2019 Mid-Year Assembly, in addition to several academic scholarships.

Click the link below to start shopping and support this fantastic cause!

President's Report

NEASF Summer Meeting, June 7, 2018

1) Introduction:

a. President: Jake Donnell (Quinnipiac)

b. Vice President: Allison Stark (Fairfield)

c. Treasurer: Steve Pilot (Rutgers)

d. Secretary: Adrienne Padden (Rutgers)

e. Admin: Rachel Birdsong (Fairfield)

f . Fundraising Chairs: Brynne Radel (Quinnipiac), Vanessa Pasquariello (UNE), and Brianne Tansey (Fairfield)

2) Scholarship goals

a. One $250 to Annual congress

b. Three $250 to Mid-Year Assembly

c. Three $750 general scholarships this year

3) Fundraising goals: $5,000-6,000

4) Increase our number of sponsors.

5) Larger and more frequent social media presence

6) Have more updated contact list of directors and NEASRNA class representatives