President's Report

NEASF Winter Meeting, December 6, 2018


a. Three $300 dollar scholarships for Mission trips:

i. Keeley Russell, Quinnipiac, Class of 2019

ii. Laura Bowles, Fairfield, class of 2019

iii. Wayne Hill, Fairfield, Class of 2019

b. Upcoming scholarships

i. Three $500 Mid-Year Assembly Scholarships

ii. Three $300 Spring Mission Trip scholarships

Fundraising goals: $5,000-6,000

a. To date raised: 4,443.73

i. Balance 3771.09

b. Fundraising plans:

i. Continue raffles at meetings

ii. Rapid Fire Conference


a. ICON anesthesia may resign with additional secondary company ICON eXchange

NEASRNA Rapid Fire Anesthesia Conference:

a. February 23rd at Quinnipiac University 7:30-1:30 pm

b. 5 Class A AANA credits:

i. Application submitted and pending approval

c. $150 for CRNAs, free for SRNAs

d. Speakers: Judy Thompson, Steven Belmont, Donna Fishcetti, Theresa Donnelly, Marianne Cosgrove, Calin Calabrese, Jennifer Carroll, Kristie Wade

Valley Anesthesia discount

a. Vanessa of UNE organized group of students to receive discount $200 discount to Valley Anesthesia review course and memory master

Winter Meeting to be hosted by Yale-New Haven in early February