President's Report

Steve Pilot, SRNA

The NEASRNA Board of Directors has been working hard to accomplish the goals we set at the beginning of this year. I have outlined some of our achievements below. If anyone has any questions or suggestions on events you'd like to see the NEASRNA host, please feel free to reach out to me via email at I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our 2nd Annual Rapid Fire Conference!



  • Our Peer-support initiative.
    • A support page was created on our website
    • We have incorporated wellness activities at all NEASRNA events
    • An open forum will occur at all NEASRNA meetings so SRNAs can express concerns
  • We established a PO Box for tax purposes
  • We finalized and voted to change bylaws
  • We Created an Elections committee
  • Public Relations
    • There has been an increase in Social Media activity
      • Check out our QOTD on instagram @the_NEASRNA
    • We created an Alumni mailing list/newsletter
    • We had exhibitor tables at the NEANA & NJANA conferences
  • Fundraising
    • Income to date: 12949.29 (Goal was $10,000)
  • Scholarships
    • $4500 awarded to date.
    • Future Scholarships:
      • Three MYA Assembly Scholarships ($500)
      • Three Spring Mission Scholarships ($500)
      • Two Academic Scholarships ($1000 & $500)