2nd Annual Rapid Fire Conference Details

Rapid Fire conference new date!

The Second Annual Rapid Fire Conference will now be held on November 14, 2020.

If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to NEASRNA via email, of any of our social media sites.

Thank you for your continued support of New England Assembly of Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

Date: November 14, 2020

Time: 0730-1345

5 class A credits

Location: Quinnipiac University - The North Haven Campus

370 Bassett Rd, North Haven, CT 06473

Register: Email Secretary@NEASRNA.org with Name and AANA number

Cost: CRNAs $150.00 and SRNAs Free

Payment: Through our paypal link under donations tab

Questions: Email VP@NEASRNA.org


  • Intraoperative Care of the Cancer Patient: Can Anesthetic Technique Promote Metastasis in the Postoperative Period? - Marianne Cosgrove PhD, DNAP, CRNA, APRN

  • Anesthesia for the Special Needs Child: A double Perspective - Maureen McCartney Anderson DNP, CRNA, APRN

  • Peri-operative Anemia: The Role of Erythropoesis Stimulating Agents and Iron Therapy - Kristie Wade MS, CRNA, APRN

  • Perioperative CVA in the EP lab - Jose Alberto Rodriguez DNP, CRNA, APRN

  • ERCP and Patient Safety, What Does the Evidence Say? - Judy Thompson DNAP, CRNA, APRN

  • Demystifying the contract; when sweet can turn sour - Calin Calabrese MS, CRNA, APRN

  • Opioid Sparing Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) - Rodrigo Mendes MS, CRNA, APRN

  • Mentorship in Anesthesia - Steve Pilot BSN, SRNA and Maria Tomasetti BSN, SRNA

  • Update on Obstetrical Anesthetic Management - Jennifer Carroll DNP, M. ed, MS, CRNA, APRN

1st Annual Rapid Fire Conference Review


Judy Thompson, DNAP, CRNA, APRN

Terri Williams, DNAP, CRNA

Calin Calebrese, MS, CRNA

Jennifer Carroll, MS, CRNA

Donna Fiaschetti, DNAP, CRNA

Marianne Cosgrove, DNAP, CRNA, APRN

Steve Belmont, DNP, CRNA, APRN

Kristie Wade, MS, CRNA

Theresea Donnelly, DNP, CRNA



Envision Physician Services

Integrated Anesthesia Associates

Raffle Donations:

Core Concepts Anesthesia Review

Dive Anesthesia

"A Nap With a Nurse Anesthetist"

Kim Kaps

The Mad Cappers


Local Anesthetics, Toxicity, and Intralipid 20% (Prezi)

Marianne Cosgrove, DNAP, CRNA, APRN

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Delayed Awakening II Presentation .pptx
Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator Insertion 2019.pptx


These are just a few photos that represent a small fraction of all the CRNAs and SRNAs who attended! We hope you all had a wonderful time!