Fall Meeting 2022

Summer Meeting 2022


What an amazing afternoon with yummy snacks and refreshing cocktails as our guest speakers, Dr. Lena Gould and Dr. Keesha Duncan share some CRNA wisdom with us!

It was a pleasure to share this intimate setting with our members and hope to re-create it going forward.

We humbly thank our sponsors, Envision for helping us put together this in-person meeting.

Congratulations to our many raffle prize winners and to our new 2022-2023 NEASRNA Board Members!

And of course, a warm farewell to our exiting Board Members- we wish you the best of luck in the future!!

Columbia Univ.

Fairfield Univ.

Rhode Island & Albany Med.


Rutgers Univ

Spring Meeting 2022


Another exciting afternoon with the NEASRNA crew.

Huge shout out to our guests from the AANA and North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) to discuss hot CRNA topics tailored to us as students of anesthesia!

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients, Erica & Patrick, and 6 raffle prize winners!!

Sebin G. – Rutgers University

Leonora B.– Rutgers University

Carla W. – Rutgers University

Nichole Q. – Columbia University

Beqir B. – Columbia University

Carolin K. – Columbia University

Thank you to NAPA for sponsoring us!

Winter Meeting 2022


For attending our Winter Meeting for 2022! We loved hearing from our speakers and spending some quality time with our members, even if it was virtually!

Congratulations to our many raffle prize winners and please follow us @the_NEASRNA to get the most current updates on our next meet up!

Many thanks to our sponsors from ICON Anesthesia!

Fall Meeting 2021


For attending our Zoom meetup last Month!

We had the highest attendees on record!!


Congratulations to our many raffle prize winners and please stay tuned for our winter meeting in 2022!

Summer Meeting 2021

Thank you Envision for sponsoring our Winter meeting

Our Raffle winners

Jenna- Columbia University

Craig- Rutgers University

Michael- Columbia University

Taylor- Yale New Haven

Kristine- Rutgers University

Ria- Columbia University

Nick- Rutgers University

Speaker 1: Michael Rawley

Speaker 2: James Mermigas

Columbia Univ.

Hartford & Yale New Haven Program

Rutgers Univ